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Come one, come all!

Welcome to the Summer fic/art challenge!


To sign up, comment to this post with your completed form (form below) by April 18, 2006. Do not post until you have chosen your pseudonym and created the new account. This is a screened post so only the moderators will see your comments. We will email you if we should need additional information.

The writers and artists will only be identified by their pseudonyms. Each participant must choose a pseudonym and create a journal for it. They will post their fic or artwork using these journals. We ask that you please not share your pseudonym with anyone.

A list of author/artist pseudonyms and their assigned dates will be posted on April 21, 2006. Fandom and pairing choice is up to each individual author or artist. You do not have to inform the admin of either. We will be as surprised by what pops up as the rest of the readership.

Your true identities will remain secret until the big reveal on September 28. You may post your fic elsewhere after September 28, 2006, but not before.

This is not a fic/art exchange. It's a themed fic/art challenge. Dying to write in a new fandom? Want to try out a new pairing? This is your chance. All we ask is that you stick to the theme of : summer. Slash, femmeslash or het, g to adult, AU, rpf, whatever. It's up to you! Your take, twist or bend it as far as you need to make it work.

Fic requirements? Theme: SUMMER. Stories must have a minimum of 500 words. Your contribution MUST be original. AUs and ARs are welcome.

Sign-ups end: April 18, 2006. Please spread the word! We are hoping to fill up every single date from June 21 to September 21. We'll need your help to make it happen!

Final deadlines: Each author/artist will have their own specific 'day'. You must post on that date. If you cannot post on that date, please contact the admin @ so that we can make other arrangements (be that giving the author/artist an alternate day or deploying a back-up).

All stories should be posted by September 21.

Form --

LJ name:
Email (reliable):
Author or artist:
Preferred posting block (pick 2 please):
Are you willing to pinch hit (i.e., write a 500 word story, your choice of fandom/pairing, on short notice)?

Time Blocks --
Block 1 (June 21 - June 28)
Block 2 (June 29 - July 6)
Block 3 (July 7 - July 14)
Block 4 (July 15 - July 22)
Block 5 (July 23 - July 30)
Block 6 (July 31 - August 7)
Block 7 (August 8 - August 15)
Block 8 (August 16 - August 23)
Block 9 (August 24 - August 31)
Block 10 (September 1 - September 8)
Block 11 (September 9 - September 16)
Block 12 (September 17 - September 21)

A specific date within the time block you choose will be assigned to you. If all the dates within your first choice have been assigned, we will move on to the second time block you listed.

Membership to this community is restricted to participants (pseudonym accounts), but everyone else is welcome to watch the community and enjoy the work posted. Feedback is love!

Please direct any questions you may have to:
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