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Guessing Time

Onto to the guessing portion of this challenge:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to match up each participant's secret identity with their actual fannish name. Leave your guesses here as a screened comment or email them to me @ Include your name, your LJ name, if it is different, the number and pseudonym of the contributor, and who you think wrote or drew it from the fannish identity list below.

Guesses are due by midnight Monday, October 2nd US Eastern. Happy guessing!

Guises: [Click on # to view their contribution(s)]

1 - a_number_1 [Stargate: Atlantis, John/Ronon, Teyla/Rodney (John/Ronon/Teyla/Rodney), NC-17]
2 - aurigae_prime [DC comics, Connor Hawke/Kyle Rayner, PG]
3 - basil_assaulted [Harry Potter, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Justin, Neville/Luna, R]
4 - chemistrypet [Harry Potter, Implied Snape/Harry, PG-13]
5- dalasini [Harry Potter, Merope Gaunt, G]
6- darnedsocks [Jeeves & Wooster, Jeeves/Wooster, 15+]
7- darth_sock [LotR, Faramir, Eldarion, Elboron, G]
8- electriclyte [Supernatural, Sam, Dean, John, PG-13]
9- faisase [Harry Potter, Harry, G]
10- far_dareismai [Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, NC-17]
11- fireaters [Harry Potter, Argus Filch, Irma Pince, R]
12- gnusferatu [Harry Potter, gen, high PG-13, dark]
13 - imnotshalimar [Supernatural, Dean, with mentions of Sam & John, PG]
14 - imperialhearts [CSI: Miami, Tim Speedle/Eric Delko, NC-17]
15- induil [Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla/Lorne, Mature]
16- ishmael_tonight [Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon, R]
17- juicy_tangerine [ Stargate: Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard]
18- lackofgenius [Harry Potter, Harry, Draco, PG-13]
19- ladydaiquiri [X-Men, Emma/Scott, PG]
20- lingonfis [Harry Potter, Gred and Forge Weasley, Lee Jordan, PG]
21- maylani [X-Men Movieverse, Bobby Drake/Johnny Allerdyce, NC-17]
22- mchappypants [Harry Potter, Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger, NC-17]
23 - mesweetly (ART) [Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, R][CW RPS, Jensen/Jared, R][House, M.D., House/Wilson, R][Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, R]
24- moonberries (ART) [Harry Potter, Draco/Blaise, Adult *NWS*]
25- mr_kade [CSI, Nick/Greg, PG]
26- ms_locke [Harry Potter, Harry, Draco, random Death Eaters, PG-13]
27- ms_sparklypoo [Harry Potter, Ginny/Luna, G]
28- mythicalobject (ART) [Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla/Sora, PG-13]
29- orphic_iris [Stargate: Atlantis, Beckett/Cadman, PG]
30- pearlsjam [Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, mention of Harry/Ginny, NC-17]
31- phillipe_mouse [Harry Potter, Severus/Albus, R]
32- roccoroark [Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Carson Beckett, PG/AU]
33- rochelles (ART) [Stargate: Atlantis, Ronon, John, Teyla, Rodney, Team!Gen]
34- sallylightfoot [Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, R (romance/angst)]
35- sebastianstower [Stargate: Atlantis, John/Rodney, Elizabeth, Teyla, PG] [Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, G]
36- shy_ducks [Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale, PG]
37- sorenarini [LotRiPS, Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood, R] [LotRiPS, Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood, NC-17][The Faculty RPS, Elijah Wood/Josh Hartnett, PG-13]
38 - soul_swimming [Harry Potter, Remus Lupin. Nymphadora Tonks, PG]
39- ssssseverusssss [Harry Potter, Remus Lupin/Filius Flitwick, PG-13]
40- sue_do_nymph [Bloom County plus various famous felines; Michael J. Binkley, Milo Bloom, Hodge-Podge, Opus, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, Cutter John, Lola Granola, Garfield, Heathcliff, Fritz, Sylvester, Morris; Rating: S for "Snugglebunnies" (PG)]
41- taughts [Harry Potter, Draco, Blaise, R]
42- tayuya_black [Queer as Folk (US), Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, PG-13]
43 - timperley [Harry Potter, Pansy/Ginny, Pansy/Bellatrix (implied), R]
44- total_fangirl [Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, NC-17]
45- unknownslasher [Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Death Eaters/Draco Malfoy, PG-13] [Harry Potter; Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter (Ron/Draco if you squint), PG]

Fannish identity:

gryvon - Website:
furiosity - Website:
b2wm - Website:
fluffyllama - Website:
hibernater - Website:
masterofmercury - Website:
vaguely_dirty - Website:
annchen - Website:
mereol - Website:
joyfulfeather - Website:
naodrith - Website:
imadra_blue - Website:
corvidae9 - Website: or
gm_weasley - Website:
limmenel - Website:
severity_softly - Website:
rose_whispers - Website:
hyperfocused - Website:
lapetite_kiki - Website:
marginaliana - Website:
dkwilliams - Website:
cheshireempress - Website:
kitestringer - Website:
maribouquet - Website:
milenaa - Website:
mazily -
everysecondtues - Website:
yura_slash - Website:
chaotic_vanity - Website:
pollitt/(m)pollitt - Website:
ozsaur - Link:
hymenchan - Website:
sibility - Website:
kyuuketsukirui - Website:
incognito - Website:
mayflo - Website:
darkhavens - Website:
agnes_bean - Website:
meredevachon - Website:
zellieh - Website:
dustandroses - Website:
shiny_crystal - Website:
deiann - Website:
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