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Almost Here [Stargate Atlantis] [Carson Beckett/John Sheppard]

Title: Almost Here
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard/Carson Beckett
Word Count: 784
Rating: PG, AU
Summary: Summer is a time of love, as two coworkers will realize. But what happens when Autumn comes creeping around the corner?
Author's Notes: A little experimentation with AU. :) Don’t own the characters.

The long, sunny days of summer were nearing their end. Not that he minded. Autumn actually fitted his mood better now, the way everything was just withering away. The summer had been the best of his life, but as with everything, all good things must come to an end. At least he still had the memories. And if he'd try hard enough, he was almost sure he'd be able to feel his lovers gentle touch, travelling downwards from his cheek to his chest, staying to rest above the steady beating of his heart. Almost.

He had been laying out in the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his skin and lazily watching people passing by. And then his eye had caught a lonely figure treading through the sand in a very determined manner. It had taken a while, but finally he had realized that the figure was heading straight to where he was laying and as the figure grew closer, he had recognized his coworker. Carson had looked happy to find him there and had stated as much as he had asked Carson to join him. They had spent a wonderful day at the beach talking and laughing and agreed to get together again the very next day, because neither of them had any special holiday plans. In the end, there hadn't been all that many days of their vacation that they had spent apart, and the days that they did spend apart seemed to wane away in the most unsatisfactory manner.

The first kiss they had shared had taken John by surprise, because he had never thought Carson would be the kind of guy to show his feelings quite so openly in a public place. But that didn't mean he didn't enjoy the kiss, because he did, and pretty damn much at that. It was also one of the highlights of his day to see the red in Carson's cheeks spreading out as the people standing all around them in the local Aquarium they were visiting, cheered and whistled to commend his initiative. They had met again that same evening for dinner at John's place, though Carson had done most of the cooking, because when it came right down to it, the only thing John could properly prepare was oatmeal. Even that was the result of years of patient schooling from his grandmother, the most persistent woman to walk the face of this Earth.

After the dinner they had sat outside at the porch, sipping whiskey that Carson had brought over and just watching the stars. When it was time to go to bed, it had only felt natural to have Carson follow him to his bedroom and join him in his bed. They had made love that night, slowly, agonizingly slowly and it had felt so good and so right. John had held Carson close as he curled against him, wishing they could go on like this for forever. And it had been good right until the day Carson had disappeared. There had been no note whatsoever, and everything in his apartment was in its familiar place. The police had contacted Carson's family back in Scotland, but the last time they had heard from him he had been fine and not planning to leave anywhere anytime soon.

The police was still conducting a search, but even with full cooperation from John and Carson's family, they had gotten practically no new leads for some time now. Carson's parents had even flown to the United States to assist the police in any way they could and to take care of Carson's place while he was gone. John had met them weekly after they had arrived until they had had to leave back to Scotland, leaving John to care for Carson's apartment for now. He had kept them on the loop, but he wasn't all that sure he wanted to tell the latest piece of information to them.

There had been a detective on his doorstep this morning, telling him they were sorry, but they would be forced to stop the search soon if nothing new turned up. John had watched the detective get into his car and drive off from his window and sighed wearily. He had shut his eyes tight and rubbed his temples to fight off the overcoming feeling of helplessness and despair that nowadays seemed to get a hold of him a lot more easier than before. But he wouldn't give in to those feelings, never. The police might give up, but he never would. He couldn't. And if he would try hard enough, he was almost sure he would be able to feel his lovers gentle touch again. Almost.
Tags: roccoroark, stargate: atlantis

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